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Electricity is a system and resource in Space Engineers that is used to power most devices. It is created using a large or small Reactor, or by using a Solar Panel. Any device that has a direct block connection to a reactor will be powered by a reactor; that is, if a reactor is on a ship, all devices attached to that ship should receive power granted there is enough power to receive. Latest version now allows power to pass through rotor blocks.

Reactors are powered by uranium ingots. 1L uranium ingots produces 68.76 MWs or 0.0191 MWh of energy.

The maximum amount a reactor can power:

Reactor Small Ship Large Ship
Small Reactor 0.1 MW 5 MW
Large Reactor 3.5 MW 100 MW
Solar Panel 30* kW 120* kW

( *Solar Panels have a maximum output depending on their angle to the sun and the amount of actually lit surface. Given values are the maximum achievable output with perfect conditions.)

Thrusts being used by the ship's inertial dampeners will use 1.5x the maximum power.
Thrust power usage:

Ship Thrust Minimum Power Maximum Power Automatic Stabilizing
Small Small 0.0002 MW 0.0336 MW 0.0504 MW
Small Large 0.0002 MW 0.4 MW 0.6 MW
Large Small 0.0002 MW 0.56 MW 0.84 MW
Large Large 0.0002 MW 6.72 MW 10.08 MW

Refinery and assembler power usage (Individual Usage):

Mode Power Usage
Standby 0.001 MW
Operational 0.560 MW

Other component power usages:

Component Small Ship Large Ship
Gravity Generator N/A **14 W - 0.56713 MW
Artificial Mass 0.025 MW 0.6 MW
Interior Light N/A 0.0004 MW
Medical Room N/A  ? MW
Door N/A  ? MW
Gyroscope 0.00003 MW 0.0015 MW
Reflector Light 0.012 MW 0.0112 MW
Beacon 0.1 MW 0.1008 MW
Antenna 0.2 MW 4 MW
Ore Detector  ? MW  ? MW
Conveyor  ? MW  ? MW
Drill .01 MW N/A
Gatling/Missile Turret N/A 0.1008 MW
Interior Turret N/A 0.1008 MW

(Ver: 01.035)

Anything labeled "? MW" did not have power usage listed in the CubeBlocks.sbc file.
Noticed that lights, beacons, and antenna have power usage costs. However, they have not been thoroughly tested.
Doors and reflector lights are off by default. All reflector lights are simultaneously turned on or off when using the toggle lights key.
It's not certain if the drill requires power while in standby.

(Ver: 01.021)

'**With the addition of gravity field properties, power cost of Gravity Generator is directly proportional to the field size and strength magnitude

  • novice test, drill uses 2.5% of 4 MW with a small reactor, whenever equipped, regardless of if it is active or not. Hence the value of .01 MW.