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Advanced Avionics Corporation
Faction Type:
Science, Industry, Military
To be filled
Steam Group:
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The Advanced Avionics Corporation logo.

About Advanced Avionics Corporation

AAC is here to build the future of Space Engineers. We are a community of talented individuals with the goal of providing our members with the best possible experience in this incredible game. Our corporation is dynamic; this game is going to change and we will change with it in order to learn and to grow. We are structured to in a way to be accessible to all types of people from around the world, and are not limited to specific time zones. We plan on being a large group of people and have structured the corporation to enable small teams to work together for those who prefer small groups. That being said, we are also structured for massive projects on a much grander scale. AAC plans to encompass all aspects of the game and there is something here for almost every type of player. It would be our privilege to have strong-minded, intelligent, creative, and determined individuals join our ranks.

Thank You!

The AAC Team


SERVER IS DOWN! Until SE comes with proper server files we will not be able to host a server. Our plans for a server are cross faction. Other factions and groups will be able to join and do as they please, within reason. No griefing. We will be white-listed to help keep the server as fun and mature as possible.


We are now recruiting!

My name is Asskickulater, and I would like to say...

Welcome to AAC!

We are currently recruiting people from all walks of life who would like to join our ranks. We welcome all time zones as we would like to be a 24/7 faction. Our group is brand new and I am looking forward to hearing from people who are interested in helping to mold the future of Space Engineers. Right now I am looking for dedicated members to help me build a foundation for the best possible experience in Space Engineers. Please contact me through steam if interested. We are a mature group. Only 16 and older.

For recruitment purposes, contact Asskickulater.
Steam ID: [1]

If you are interested please send Asskickulater a message!

Members (Positions will be filled closer to Beta)

Current count : 115

President and CEO

Vice President
Position to be filled

Lead Architect

Architectural Advisers
Position waiting to be filled

Head of Research and Development
Position waiting to be filled

Research and Development Advisers
Positions waiting to be filled

Board Members

Recruiting Officer

Wiki Manager
AAC Members

Server Specialist

Members List:

1. Ryudragon

2. Asskickulater

3. BigEdd

4. WillyWonka

5. Cayo

6. Chezzprinn

7. Bean

8. InvisibleMuffin

9. Robert Arthur Greene

10. Pvt Davies

11. Corinmcnerd

12. Hasselnot

13. Rumsfield

14. Will

15. Shiroko24

16. Praesumo

17. Knight_Vector

18. Priley764

19. Mik97t

20. Fredrik-Vilstrup

21. Kommissarien

22. VivaCity|Powell

23. TheDirector

24. XPMatt

25. Montacode

26. Nomad

27. Gamedroid13

28. The Commander

29. Stiffneck

30. DyMoX

31. Andy

32. Supapat

33. Virion

34. Tellenvor

35. DW Solaris

36. DanyaelBell

37. Creighton Goodwin

38. The Evilman

39. Russman75

40. Johnnyboi_77

41. Rookie Ray

42. Radam

43. G777Gun

44. Ap

45. Thefors

46. Infection

47. XreamPB

48. Jambo

49. Faust

50. Powerstomp

51. Alakaba

52. Fanzypantz

53. LJ Da Legend

54. Based

55. Holee4153

57. Yggdrasil

58. Snifff0st

59. Justin

60. Niklashornung

61. IronSide

62. fobfromgermany

63. futurism

64. Kuikentje

65. forgotpants

66. Simon Jumper

67. Dendrophile

68. knightmb258

69. Panduska

70. kerensky_legacy

71. SGT_Reaper

72. Marcos

73. Aquadrox

74. Kash Ka

75. dalzar

76. KoSEIN

77. Tidis

78. Carpenter1996

79. Physco-josh

80. SattyHotShot

81. Kayzer50ze

82. Taikiat

83. xTcR l Zak [I]

84. noblespartanfilms

85. vetinarii83

86. steviekun

87. SourRussian

88. |V|ick

89. SenSi

90. europito98

91. firstmuskeeter

92. Landell1

93. Eurtan

94. You_Saw_Nothing

95. Everett008

96. Zark

97. iLIama

98. 0ompas00

99. Mandarino96

100. Jaypie

101. pulsefrequency

102. JordyZ

103. Craftman

104. Marcus24555

105. 30k

106. DizZykeee

107. Hayblood

108. Silvero_Ceriano

109. vevion

110. Man Average

111. Varro

112. Ziwix

113. No.

114. Temo

115. Glowstick

Positions are not set in stone.
Everything is subject to change.
Everything is a work in progress until the game is out of beta.

Everyone starts out as a miner or as a soldier until the best place to utilize your talents is apparent.
If you think you can add another dynamic to our corporation, please speak up! :)
Titles can easily be created.