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Gatling Turret



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Functional as of version 01.027.006, the Gatling turret is a powerful automatic weapon which will target and fire upon the nearest Decoy, moving object, or meteor within its operational range (adjustable via its control panel), and will always fire on enemy factions' ships and players in range. In Survival Mode it must be loaded with 25x184mm NATO Ammo Containers to fire.

It's advisable to link the Gatling turret with connectors to the rest of the cargo system on the ship or base, as it will pull more ammunition automatically if it needs it (and is toggled to do so).

The turret take the space of a 3x3x3 cube despite its appearance. Keep this fact in mind when placing turrets near thrusters as they will be damaged.

If you are using the Gatling turret for meteor defense, consider that meteors come from the direction of the sun. You can save a lot of ammo if you place blocks around the Gatling turret to prevent it from shooting at meteors that have already passed beyond the position to hit your base.

Gatling Turrets can be placed on top of a piston and extended to provide more freedom of angles during battle.

If you lack space for this, an Interior Turret might work.


Actions: 34

Toggle block On/Off
Toggle block On
Toggle block Off
Shoot once
Shoot On/Off
Shoot On
Shoot Off
Increase Aiming radius
Decrease Aiming radius
Enable idle movement On/Off
Enable idle movement On
Enable idle movement Off
Target meteors On/Off
Target meteors On
Target meteors Off
Target moving objects On/Off
Target moving objects On
Target moving objects Off
Target missiles On/Off
Target missiles On
Target missiles Off
Target small ships On/Off
Target small ships On
Target small ships Off
Target large ships On/Off
Target large ships On
Target large ships Off
Target characters On/Off
Target characters On
Target characters Off
Target stations On/Off
Target stations On
Target stations Off
Use Conveyor System On/Off

Properties: 1

Range Single