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200mm Missile Container

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200mm Missile Container Icon.png
200mm missile container
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Mass45 kg
45,000 g
45,000,000 mg
0.045 t
Volume60 L
0.06 m³
0.00384 Large-Blocks
0.48 Small-Blocks
6 hL
60,000 mL
Base Production Time10 s
Explosion Radius4 m
Explosion Damage500
Initial Speed100 m/s
Desired Speed200 m/s
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The 200mm Missile Container is used as ammunition by Missile Turrets and Rocket Launchers. The item can be found in randomly generated military Cargo Ships if the option is enabled and can be assembled. They generally have a max range of 800m before exploding, though they can reach further if they are fired at speed as they inherit the launcher's velocity.



200mm Missile Container Icon.png 200mm missile container 
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