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Large Ship / Station
Advanced Rotor
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,2,1
Mass576.4 kg
576,400 g
576,400,000 mg
0.576 t
Build time20 s
Max Required Input2,000 W
0.002 MW
2 kW
Power Consumer GroupUtility
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost100
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Advanced Rotor Icon.png
Small Ship
Advanced Rotor
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Dimensions (W,H,L)3,2,3
Mass168.2 kg
168,200 g
168,200,000 mg
0.168 t
Build time10 s
Max Required Input200 W
2.0e-4 MW
0.2 kW
Power Consumer GroupUtility
Is AirtightPartially
PCU Cost100
BrowseLast edit: 2020-05-20


The Advanced Rotor is a block that lets the player place blocks on top and rotate them. It is in all respects similar to the Rotor, except that it allows objects to pass through it via the Conveyor System. Its functions are identical of that of the original rotor, and is actually made up of two parts; the base advanced rotor block and the Advanced Rotor Part. The other difference is that the advanced rotor is larger. Together they form a grid-to-grid connection, allowing: control/commands, power and if connected properly Conveyor Networks to be shared and connected together very much like a rotor.


Simply place the advanced rotor block, and then place any blocks on top. To rotate the advanced rotor, go into the control panel and adjust the velocity to either a positive or negative value. The higher the value, the faster the rotor will spin. The amount of mass the rotor has on top will affect its speed and torque. The more mass, the slower it will go (even at high velocity). It is possible for the advanced rotor to break apart if the mass is too great, or the base it is placed on is unstable.

The main feature advanced rotor is that it can connect to Conveyor blocks and transfer items through it (even while rotating). This requires no setup by the player, just place any conveyor or inventory block on-top of it, and it will be ready to use.

Control Panel

Reverse Reverses the velocity (rotation direction) of the rotor
Torque Amount of force (strength) applied behind the rotor rotation
Braking tor. Amount of force applied against the rotor in order to stop the rotation
Velocity The speed of which the rotor rotates
Lower limit The maximum limit the rotor can rotate counter-clockwise
Upper limit The maximum limit the rotor can rotate clockwise
Rotor displacement Adjusts the distance between the base of the rotor and the rotor head

Positive velocity values turn clockwise when looking 'down' at the rotor, while negative velocity values turn counter-clockwise. Note that the lower limit is ignored while the rotor is turning clockwise (using a positive velocity value). Similarly, the upper limit is ignored while the rotor is turning counter-clockwise (using a negative velocity value). Upper and lower limits can both range from -360° to +360°, but the value for the upper limit must always be higher than the value for the lower limit. As a special case, an upper limit of 361° can be set which allows for unlimited clockwise rotation; similarly, a lower limit of -361° can be set for unlimited counter-clockwise rotation. The rotor interface simplifies these details away, but the exact numbers can be useful for rotor programming.


Advanced Rotor Advrotorexample.jpg


  • The advanced rotor consists of two blocks. The top and base are both two different blocks.
  • The block must be powered to transfer items through it
  • If you delete / destroy the top part of the rotor, you must build a new advanced rotor because there is no top block in the block list.


(IMyMotorBase) = Stator
Actions: 19

Toggle block On/Off
Toggle block On
Toggle block Off
Increase Torque
Decrease Torque
Increase Braking tor.
Decrease Braking tor.
Increase Velocity
Decrease Velocity
Reset Velocity
Increase Lower limit
Decrease Lower limit
Increase Upper limit
Decrease Upper limit
Increase Rotor displacement
Decrease Rotor displacement

Properties: 6

Torque Single
BrakingTorque Single
Velocity Single
LowerLimit Single
UpperLimit Single
Displacement Single

(IMyMotorAdvancedStator) = Rotor
Actions: 0
Properties: 0

Update History

Update 01.053
  • Advanced rotor introduced