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Block Groups are optional sets of blocks that, once set, can be controlled as a single block. This is an alternative to controlling blocks either individually or by type. Block groups can be placed on the toolbar just like individual blocks.

Group Creation

Groups of blocks can be set as follows:

  1. Access the Control Panel of the Terminal (default K)
  2. Select all the blocks you wish to be part of the group on the left-hand side
    • Hold Ctrl while clicking to select one at a time.
    • Hold ⇧ Shift while clicking the first and last to select an entire range at once.
  3. Type a name under "Block Group" on the right
  4. Click "Save".
The Control Panel, where you can see the selected blocks on the left, and the new group name on the right.

Groups created in this way will be sorted at the top of the block list surrounded by asterisks ('*'), such as the *Grinders* group in the example image above. If any group needs to be deleted, select it and click the "X" to the right of "Save".

Groups can be renamed by selecting the group, changing the name under "Block Group", and then clicking "Save" again. Blocks can be added or removed by modifying the selection in the block list and then clicking "Save".

Groups of blocks that are all the same will have their full functionality exposed; e.g. in the example image, you can see that all the batteries involved can have their "Recharge" and "Semi-auto" options set across the entire group in one click. Thus, it can be beneficial to group like blocks for oft-used actions (or rarely used but tedious options, such as disabling the "Use Conveyor" option on a group of Reactors so spare Uranium Ingots can be reserved for the construction of Missiles).

Groups that include multiple types of blocks, however, will only share the "Toggle Block On/Off" option, even if they share other functionality (such as "Use Conveyor" or other such common functions).