Cargo Drops

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Cargo drops are only found in Survival Mode. The default drop is a small, roundish, unpropelled craft of Light Armor blocks that will always contain the following:

  • A Button Panel. Pressing this gives a chance of a Special Item cosmetic loot drop - a random piece of special spacesuits such as the Rainbow Suit or the Badger Suit. The panel emits a repeating audible "boop" signal within a short range. After the listed time elapses, the cosmetic loot will no longer be available for that drop.
  • A Parachute Hatch supplied with Canvas. On planetary surfaces, the parachute will deploy and the cargo drop will slowly float down.

Drops may also contain other blocks, such as an antenna, beacon or dummy button panels. A few contain sensors linked to a thruster, and will jump away when a player gets close to it.

Finding cargo drops

A default cargo drop is signaled by a new GPS coordinate sound and a set of three green informational tags in your HUD: Unknown signal, its distance from your location in kilometers, and a time remaining in minutes. The drop is a temporary vehicle, like the planetary lander and similar vessels.

Strong unknown signals

These spawn on multiplayer servers with yellow HUD tags. Both a strong unknown signal and a default unknown signal can be present on the same planet at the same time.


  • Players believe that suit piece drops are limited by a hidden timer, and that this timer has been adjusted at least once by Keen.

  • The blocks may be useful to grind down if resources or components are scarce.

  • You can disable cargo drops in the world settings under "enable unknown signals"