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Large Ship / Station
Yield Module
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,2
Mass2,856 kg
2,856,000 g
2,856,000,000 mg
2.856 t
Build time
Modifier value109.051 %
Modifier operationMultiplicative
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost1
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The Yield Module (formerly known as Effectiveness Upgrade Module) is a 2x1x1 block. It increases the amount of refined ingots per ore, and can only be used on a Refinery. Unlike the speed module, the Yield Module requires no additional power.


The Yield Module can only function when placed on a Refinery's attachment point, which takes up 2. It helps create more ingots per ore put in. With a maximum of four Yield Modules on one Refinery it will give an extra 100% Yield for a total 200%


Total Yield = 1.0905077 ^ Attachment points connected to upgrade module, each module provides 2.
Where 1.0905077 ≈ 2^(1/8), so 4 yield modules with all 8 points attached will give 2x yield.
No. of Modules Total Yield
0 100%
1 119%
2 141%
3 168%
4 200%


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