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Gravity Generator Components

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Gravity Generator Components Icon.png
Gravity Generator Components
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Mass800 kg
800,000 g
800,000,000 mg
0.8 t
Volume200 L
0.2 m³
0.0128 Large-Blocks
1.6 Small-Blocks
20 hL
200,000 mL
Base Production Time10 s
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Gravity Generator Components. Somewhat self-explanatory, they are used in the construction of a Gravity Generator or a Jump drive.

Ship and Station part Recipes

These are ship and station part recipes that use Gravity Generator Components:

Name Icon
Artificial Mass Artificial Mass Icon.png
Gravity Generator Gravity Generator Icon.png
Jump drive Jump drive Icon.png
Safe Zone Safe Zone Icon.png
Space Ball Space Ball Icon.png
Spherical Gravity Generator Spherical Gravity Generator Icon.png



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Gravity Generator Components Icon.png Gravity Generator Components 
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