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Tutorials HUD EngineerHUD.jpg

Space Engineer

The HUD is information on the screen to help the player build and navigate within the game. It can be hidden and again revealed by pressing (default: Tab).

Engineer Info Panel

Located on the left side of the screen, the information panel displays important information that directly affects your engineer.

1 Helmet Indicates the status of the engineer's helmet.
2 Jetpack Indicates the status of the engineer's jetpack.
3 Broadcasting Indicates the status of the engineer's built-in suit antenna. This allows communication with nearby antennas in a 200m range, and shows the name of the player on their character.
4 Flashlight Indicates the status of the suit's built-in flashlight.
5 Health Shows the player's current health. If this reaches zero, you will die.
6 Oxygen Shows the player's current oxygen supply. This will deplete whenever your helmet is on. If it reaches zero, you will start taking damage.
7 Energy Shows the player's suit power supply. It depletes on its own, and with tool use.
8 Hydrogen Shows the jetpack's propellant (hydrogen) supply. If it reaches zero, you will be unable to use your jetpack.
9 Speed Shows the player's current speed. The gauge scales automatically if you have a speed mod installed.
10 Dampeners Shows the status of the player's inertial dampeners.


The toolbar is where you place the blocks & tools you wish to use. It also has an additional function in that it can switch between 1-9 presets (default SHIFT+1-9). This lets the player store multiple customized bars - See Controls for more information. The toolbar also possesses various status and orientation displays.

1 Inventory Shows the current status of the player's inventory space.
2 Hotbar Allows the player to select various tools and blocks from the G-Menu to place in the world.
3 Presets Shows the current hotbar being displayed. You can switch between your nine hotbars with SHIFT+[Number]
4 Building Statuses Shows the current status of symmetry, grid alignment and grid size, respectively.
5 Environment Oxygen Shows the oxygen status of the player's environment. You may safely remove your helmet when it reads "High".
6 Gravity Shows artificial gravity (from gravity generators) and planetary gravity (from large bodies)
7 Navball Shows the player's orientation relative to a planetary horizon (marked with a gray line), the + sign occasionally seen indicates the player's prograde velocity vector.

Block Rotation

Block controls2.jpg
Before placing a block, an additional information box will appear on the top-right corner of your screen. This indicates which buttons will rotate the block in that direction. The directions will change depending on the space engineers orientation.


Tutorials HUD ShipHUD.jpg

Ships & stations share the same interface. There is some similar information being displayed from the engineer HUD, however when using a ship or station it also includes information about grid itself.

Engineer Info Panel

All details here are similar as if you weren't piloting, however you cannot directly control them while occupying a ship or station - see above for more information on the engineer info panel


Similar in almost every way as if you weren't piloting. The only difference is that your oxygen will change if the ship/station is supplying it directly to the Cockpit. The gravity information is based on your engineer orientation and not the ship/station itself.

Grid Info Panel

Located on the right side of the screen, this panel displays information of the ship or station you are currently occupying.

Tutorials HUD Hudexample06.jpg
Spotlights (On/Off) Indicates if your ship/station's spotlights are on or off
Mass The total mass of the ship/station is displayed here
Speed The speed the ship is currently going is displayed here
Power Usage This combines all your power sources on the ship/station and indicates how much power is currently being used. This indicates maximum output, not remaining power time.
Reactors Displays the combined power output of Small Reactors & Large reactors
Thrusters Counts the total amount of functional thrusters
Dampeners (On/Off) It will display if you will automatically come to a stop or free float - see Here for more info
Gyroscopes Counts the total amount of functional gyroscopes
Fuel Time This indicates how much time is remaining before your power sources are depleted. Consumption estimates are based on power usage at that moment in time
Number of batteries in use Displays the amount of batteries supplying power to the ship/station
Landing gears Counts the total amount of functional landing gears
In proximity This indicates how many landing gears are within proximity to "Lock"