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The official wiki offers a place for the community to create a faction page, and interact with others. How it works is that when a faction page is created is that it is immidiately posted publicly on the faction page. The faction can use their pages as they like, be it to store information for their members or for the public to see.

Faction creation rules

  • You may create your own faction page
  • You may request an administrator to delete your own faction page using the {{delete|reason}} template. See below for more information
  • You may create any number of subpages for your faction, these subpages do not require the infobox template. See below for more information
  • Faction pages must have the {{factioninfobox}} template somewhere on the page. This cannot be changed, and its layout/content is up to the server. All other information below it is up to the user
  • Faction pages are only patrolled for potential vandalism, faction owners are responsible for the content of their pages

How to create a faction page

Creating a new faction page is very easy, and an in-depth tutorial here is written up to give you step-by-step instructions on how to make one. Follow each step carefully. Please note you must have a wiki account here to create a page. To create an account, click Create account at the top-right of the wiki.

  • Note - If you have an ad blocker, be sure to disable or allow, otherwise you may not be able to see the KeyCAPTCHA.

If you need additional help, you may request assistance at the Wiki Discussion forum on KeenSoftwareHouse website.

Getting started

Step 1

First go to your address bar on your browser. Copy the following link and paste it. Notice the Faction: this is very important for listing your page

Step 2

Add whatever name you wish to call your faction page. For example MyPage It should look like this

If you wish to add a space in-between you must use this symbol _ An example of this My_Page

This simply is for linking purposes. Once created, your page will be listed as My page without the symbol

Step 3

Once you have the name of the page you want, hit enter. The wiki will inform you that the page doesn't exist yet, simply hit the Create new page. Once created, you will have a blank page in front of you. Paste the following code into the empty page, then hit Save page on the bottom.

{{subst:Factions Page}}

Editing your new page

When you saved your page with the new code, you should notice a blank layout created by the wiki. Now you're ready to edit the page however you like. To edit the page, click the Edit button on the top right. If you have never used a template like this before, some explanation will be given on how to alter it to your liking.

Below is information to help you understand what each space means


Properties Comments
factioninfobox Do not change this
name The faction name
leaders This lists the leaders of your faction
steamgroup link your steamgroup here - ex:
[ Faction name here]
Which results in: Faction name here
type Civilian, Science, Industry, Military
recruitingstatus Yes or No if faction is recruiting, this also lists the faction on the Join a faction page.
Members How many members currently are within the faction
Forumcontact Name of your KSH forum name, if you wish to link ex:
[ MyForumName]
Which results in: MyForumName
CustomRow1 If you don't need this space, leave empty. This is a custom title space you can use ex: "Founder"
CustomData1 If you don't need this space, leave empty. This is a description space for customrow1 ex: "I'm the Founder"
CustomRow2 If you don't need this space, leave empty. This is a second custom title space you can use ex: "Our Website"
CustomData2 If you don't need this space, leave empty. This is a description space for customrow2 ex: ""

Additonal page info

You may add more than just the info box information. Below the template info box, you may type whatever information you wish for your faction. Some example information can be added to the page such as "About" "Rules" "How to join". An example of how to add these:

Our faction information here
Our faction information here
You may not do this in our faction 
Our faction information here
You may not do this in our faction 
==How to join==
You can join our faction by doing this

If you wish to add further formatting to your page, please visist the Mediawiki formatting help page

How to upload images

Because the File namespace is shared with the main wiki space all file names used on faction pages must have the following text in them: Faction_Your_Faction_filename. Replace Your Faction with your actual faction name or abbreviation. Image files created for faction pages may be moved or deleted without warning if they do not follow the correct naming scheme.

Click the Upload File in the navigation menu. Select the image you wish to upload. Once you selected it, you'll notice in the Destination filename space below that your images name has been placed there. Edit the name to include Faction_Your_Faction_filename

An example of how it should look when you upload an image for your faction MyPage


If you have a space in your server My_Page, simply change to.


Next add one of the following codes into the description box. This helps keep the wiki organized.

  • {{Game Screenshot}} - For in-game screenshots (Even modified ones)
  • {{Flag Image}} - For country flag images
  • {{User Image}} - For custom images you created

Adding images to your page

To add it to your page, add the following code


More image options at the Mediawiki image help page

How to add Standings page

Standings will show your factions mood towards the others listed here on the wiki. If you have encountered one of these factions, and are Neutral, Friendly, Allied, or at War with any of them. This will be listed for everyone to see. Once you change your stance, it will change the standing page and show your factions standing toward all others, this is handled automaticaly by the embassy page.

To create your standings page, on your faction page click the standings. Then, paste this code into the box & save immediately.

{{subst:Standings page}}

After this is created, there is no further need to edit this. It is completely automated.

How to add Embassy page

The embassy page is where you can change your status with other factions. It's very easy to setup, and hardly any editing required. Mostly copy & pasting code.

To create your embassy page, on your faction page click the Embassy. Then, paste this code into the box & save immediately.

{{subst:Embassy page}}

After this is created, you may go back to edit your page and notice several new options as well as instructions. A breakdown of this will be provided below.


Status will allow other factions to submit requests, stance is your factions default stance to all other factions. In other words, if your stance is Closed, your faction is not interested in any discussion with any other. However, if set to Open, your faction is open to dialog with others.


You can change your factions stance to "Neutral, Friendly, Allied, War" at the top of the page to indicate your intentions. If you have a specific stance towards another faction, for example "TheWikiAlliance". If you wanted to set them be allied, neutral, or war, you'd paste the following codes on the bottom of your embassy page:

{{set standing|TheWikiAlliance|Allied}}
{{set standing|TheWikiAlliance|Friendly}}
{{set standing|TheWikiAlliance|Neutral}}
{{set standing|TheWikiAlliance|War}}

After you save your page with this code, it automatically updates your standings page as well as the other faction you just added.

Example Faction Page

See The Wiki Alliance example page to get an idea how it all works.

How to delete your page

If you wish to delete your server wiki page, first go into edit mode. Then paste the following code at the very top; save the page.

{{delete|Your reason for deletion here}}

This will mark your page for deletion