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Item pages are blocks, materials, ores, and components on the wiki. When creating a new item page, there is a template to be used so that it may be categorized. While each block varies, some basic rules must be followed in order to keep it organized.

Creating an item page

Item pages are created using the {{itembox}} template. More information on how to fill out the itembox is available on the Itembox template page. The itembox template will automatically categorize the page.

Sample page layout:

| item = Light Armor Block
| description = 
| tool = no
| largeship = yes
| smallship = yes
| component = no
| rawmaterial = no

| sbuildtime = 3
| sdeformationratio = 0.24
| sdisassembleratio = 2.5
| scomponentstructure = 1
| scomponent1 = Steel Plate
| scomponent1amt = 1

| lbuildtime = 8
| ldisassembleratio = 2.5
| lcomponentstructure = 2
| lcomponent1 = Steel Plate
| lcomponent1amt = 5
| lcomponent2 = Steel Plate
| lcomponent2amt = 20

<!--Item Description, details and facts-->
Basic armor block for small and large ships. 

Uploading the Icon

The icon must be 128x128 and in .PNG format, click the broken image link and upload the icon. The best method is to use the raw icon files located in your space engineers installation directory. From your steam folder Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Textures\GUI\Icons. These files are in .dds format. One option is to use GIMP and download the .dds extension for gimp [1]. Download the base file here for item icon backgrounds and paste the icon on top of it. You can get the .png file here: Media:Icon Template.png (if your browser does not recognize this as a downloadable file, right click and select "save target as" and make sure you edit the extension back to .png). After you copy the icon into the template, export it as a .PNG file. Edit the description of the file and use the {{Game Icon}} template.

Example: File:Small Ship Icon.png