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Creating your translated page

To create a new page for your language visit the corresponding page in English, edit your address bar to include the language code Here's one Example - Visit the Example page then edit the top url from

Add /de to create the german page to create the german page. You can then create a redirect page if one does not exist that will redirect the page title to the properly located page.

Another example - If no page for Creative Mode was available in German you could create the page Creative Mode/de then redirect the page Kreativmodus to Creative Mode/de. By using the #REDIRECT [[Creative Mode/de]] syntax. For redirects to work, nothing else is allowed on the page. The page must be completely empty except for that redirect code to the translated page.

  • Note: If the link for the translated page does not appear on the right for the English page you can force the page to refresh by adding ?action=purge to the url. For example, if you create Example/de you can go to Example and paste ?action=purge, so your url would look like -

This will reset the automatic language links for that page.

  • To replace the page display name, you can place this code in your translated page to force-change the name of the page. Replace pagename with the translated page name.

Supported languages

This wiki currently supports

  • English
  • Polish (/pl)
  • French (/fr)
  • Russian (/ru)
  • German(/de)
  • Czech (/cs)
  • Spanish (/es)