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Creating your translated page

To create a new page for your language visit the corresponding page in English, edit your address bar to include the language code Here's one Example - Visit the Example page then edit the top url from

Add /de to create the german page


You can then create a redirect page if one does not exist that will redirect the page title to the properly located page. Redirects are used to forward users from one page name to another. They can be useful if a particular article is referred to by multiple names, or has alternative punctuation, capitalization or spellings.

Another example - If no page for Creative Mode was available in German you could create the page Creative Mode/de then redirect the page Kreativmodus to Creative Mode/de. By using the #REDIRECT [[Creative Mode/de]] syntax. For redirects to work, nothing else is allowed on the page. The page must be completely empty except for that redirect code to the translated page.

Manual Purge

If the link for the translated page does not appear on the Sidebar for the English page you can force the page to refresh by adding ?action=purge to the url. For example, if you create Example/de you can go to Example and paste ?action=purge, so your url would look like -

This will reset the automatic language links for that page.

Page Display Name

To replace the page display name, you can place this code in your translated page to force-change the name of the page. Replace pagename with the translated page name.


Supported languages

This wiki currently supports

  • English
  • Polish (/pl)
  • French (/fr)
  • Russian (/ru)
  • German(/de)
  • Czech (/cs)
  • Spanish (/es)