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Dedicated server owners are given the opportunity to create a page (or pages) for their server to store information, rules, events, etc. When using the server template, the page is advertised and shown publicly to others interested. More information on how to create this page in the help page.

Server creation rules

  • You may create your own server page
  • You may request an administrator to delete your own server page using the {{delete|reason}} template. See below for more information
  • You may create any number of subpages for your server, these subpages do not require the infobox template. See below for more information
  • Server pages must have the {{serverinfobox}} template somewhere on the page. This cannot be changed, and its layout/content is up to the server. All other information below it is up to the user
  • Server pages are only patrolled for potential vandalism, server owners are responsible for the content of their server pages

How to create a server page

Creating a new server page is very easy, and an in-depth tutorial here is written up to give you step-by-step instructions on how to make one. Follow each step carefully. Please note you must have a wiki account here to create a page. To create an account, click Create account at the top-right of the wiki.

  • Note - If you have an ad blocker, be sure to disable or allow, otherwise you may not be able to see the KeyCAPTCHA.

If you need additional help, you may request assistance at the Wiki Discussion forum on KeenSoftwareHouse website.

Getting started

Step 1

First go to your address bar on your browser. Copy the following link and paste it. Notice the Server: this is very important for listing your page

Step 2

Add whatever name you wish to call your server page. For example MyPage It should look like this

If you wish to add a space in-between you must use this symbol _ An example of this My_Page

This simply is for linking purposes. Once created, your page will be listed as My page without the symbol

Step 3

Once you have the name of the page you want, hit enter. The wiki will inform you that the page doesn't exist yet, simply hit the Create new page. Once created, you will have a blank page in front of you. Paste the following code into the empty page, then hit Save page on the bottom.


Editing your new page

When you saved your page with the new code, you should notice a blank layout created by the wiki. Now you're ready to edit the page however you like. To edit the page, click the Edit button on the top right. If you have never used a template like this before, some explanation will be given on how to alter it to your liking.

Below is information to help you understand what each space means


Properties Comments
serverinfobox Do not change this
op The server owner or operator can be placed here
name The name of the server
map The name of your servers map
maxplayers The maximum amount of players allowed into the server
grouponly Yes or No if players must group inside the server
pvp Yes or No if pvp is allowed
cargoships Yes or No if cargo ships are enabled
meteors Place either "Safe" "Normal" "Cataclysm" "Armageddon" to inform players what setting you have
mode Creative or Survival
refinespeed Set to either 1 (realism) 3 (3x speed) 10 (10x speed)
assembleefficiency Set to either 1 (realism) 3 (3x efficiency) 10 (10x efficiency)
assemblespeed Set to either 1 (realism) 3 (3x speed) 10 (10x speed)
inventorysize Set to either 1 (realism) 3 (3x size) 10 (10x size)

Additonal page info

You may add more than just the info box information. Below the template info box, you may type whatever information you wish for your server. Some example information can be added to the page such as "About" "Rules" "How to join". An example of how to add these:

Our server information here
Our server information here
You may not do this in our server
Our server information here
You may not do this in our server
==How to join==
You can join our server by doing this

If you wish to add further formatting to your page, please visist the Mediawiki formatting help page

How to upload images

Because the File namespace is shared with the main wiki space all file names used on server pages must have the following text in them: Server_Your Server_filename. Replace Your Server with your actual servers name or abbreviation. Image files created for server pages may be moved or deleted without warning if they do not follow the correct naming scheme.

Click the Upload File in the navigation menu. Select the image you wish to upload. Once you selected it, you'll notice in the Destination filename space below that your images name has been placed there. Edit the name to include Server_Your Server_filename

An example of how it should look when you upload an image for your server MyPage


If you have a space in your server My_Page, simply change to.


Next add one of the following codes into the description box. This helps keep the wiki organized.

  • {{Game Screenshot}} - For in-game screenshots (Even modified ones)
  • {{Flag Image}} - For country flag images
  • {{User Image}} - For custom images you created

Adding images to your page

To add it to your page, add the following code


More image options at the Mediawiki image help page

How to add a subpage

Sub pages is simply another new wiki page attached to your server page. If you are needing a lot of space for information for whatever reason (server specific instructions, etc), then simply follow these instructions

In your address bar next to your server page link, add the following /MySubPage and click enter.

An example of how it should look

You'll be informed that the page has yet to be created on the wiki, click Create new page

Unlike your main server page, there is no need to include the subst:Serverpage code and immediately save. You are free to edit it however much you like right off the bat.

How to delete your page

If you wish to delete your server wiki page, first go into edit mode. Then paste the following code at the very top; save the page.

{{delete|Your reason for deletion here}}

This will mark your page for deletion