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User Pages

User pages may have whatever content the user wishes to display. With a few exceptions. No spamming links to external sites not related to space engineers or steam (no ad spamming). No advertising products or services not related to space engineers. You can put links to your workshop items, experiment with the wiki, or do anything you wish to personalize your space as long as you follow the above. You can also create as many subpages as you like for your user.


Because the File namespace is shared with the main wiki space all file names used on user pages must have the following text in them: User_Your Username_filename. Replace Your Username with your actual username. Say you logon to the wiki as Draygo files in your userspace should be File:User_Draygo_filename.ext. Files that violate this may be deleted or moved without warning. For the design of pages with images, you must use the appropriate template specified on the page "Image pages and uploading"