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All hydrogen blocks, with small grid on the left and large grid on the right.

Hydrogen is a fuel used to power Hydrogen Thrusters and the Space Engineers' suit while using their jetpack. Hydrogen is only used with the jetpack and is not used when for example walking or running on a surface with Gravity. Hydrogen can also be used to power the Hydrogen Engine.


Hydrogen power can be used to fuel a Hydrogen Thruster, an engineer's suit, or a Hydrogen Engine for power.

They cannot be used to pressurize a room.

For more information on usage in hydrogen thrusters, see Thruster.


It can be created using the Oxygen Generator, along with Oxygen from Ice. It's more efficient and faster to produce Hydrogen via Large Block Oxygen Generators as opposed to small block ones.

Hydrogen energy density (H2 Thrusters) 1556 J/L
Hydrogen energy density (H2 Engine) 5000 J/L
Hydrogen generation rate - Large 500 H2/s
Hydrogen generation rate - Small 100 H2/s
Ice to hydrogen ratio - Large 1 kg Ice = 10 H2
Ice to hydrogen ratio - Small 1 kg Ice = 10 H2


It can be stored in the Hydrogen Tank, Hydrogen Bottles or the Space Engineers' suit. For the purposes of the game units of Hydrogen such as H2 and H are used interchangeably with Liters, even if this doesn't make sense. Therefore 1 H = 1 L of Hydrogen gas.

Large Grid Hydrogen Tank 5,000,000 L
Small Grid Hydrogen Tank 160,000 L
Internal suit hydrogen tank capacity 125 L

Game version 01.106