Large Steel Tube

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Large Steel Tube Icon.png
Large Steel Tube
Component Icon.png


Mass25 kg
25,000 g
25,000,000 mg
0.025 t
Volume38 L
0.038 m³
3.8 hL
38,000 mL
0.00243 Large-Blocks
0.304 Small-Blocks
Base Production Time2 s
BrowseLast edit: 2021-02-04

A large tube made out of steel. Used in many of the larger structures.

Ship and Station part Recipes

These are ship and station part recipes that use Large Steel Tubes:

Name Icon
Advanced Rotor Advanced Rotor Icon.png
Advanced Rotor Part Advanced Rotor Part Icon.png
Advanced Rotor Advanced Rotor Icon.png
Antenna Antenna Icon.png
Bathroom Bathroom Icon.png
Beacon Beacon Icon.png
Decoy Decoy Icon.png
Drill Drill Icon.png
Gravity Generator Gravity Generator Icon.png
Grinder (Ship) Grinder (Ship) Icon.png
Gyroscope Gyroscope Icon.png
Hinge Hinge Icon.png
Hinge 3x3 64px
Hinge Part 64px
Hinge Part 3x3 64px
Hydrogen Engine Hydrogen Engine Icon.png
Hydrogen Tank Hydrogen Tank Icon.png
Hydrogen Tank Hydrogen Tank Icon.png
Kitchen Kitchen Icon.png
Large Atmospheric Thruster Large Atmospheric Thruster Icon.png
Large Hydrogen Thruster Large Hydrogen Thruster Icon.png
Large Reactor Large Reactor Icon.png
Large Thruster Large Thruster Icon.png
Medical Room Medical Room Icon.png
Merge Block Merge Block Icon.png
Missile Turret Missile Turret Icon.png
O2 64px
Oxygen Farm Oxygen Farm Icon.png
Oxygen Generator Oxygen Generator Icon.png
Oxygen Tank Oxygen Tank Icon.png
Piston Base Piston Base Icon.png
Piston Top Piston Top Icon.png
Programmable Block Programmable Block Icon.png
Projector Projector Icon.png
Refinery Refinery Icon.png
Reloadable Rocket Launcher Reloadable Rocket Launcher Icon.png
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher Icon.png
Rotor Rotor Icon.png
Rotor Part Rotor Part Icon.png
Small Atmospheric Thruster Small Atmospheric Thruster Icon.png
Small Hydrogen Tank Small Hydrogen Tank Icon.png
Small Hydrogen Thruster Small Hydrogen Thruster Icon.png
Small Reactor Small Reactor Icon.png
Small Thruster Small Thruster Icon.png
Spherical Gravity Generator Spherical Gravity Generator Icon.png
Spotlight Spotlight Icon.png
Toilet Toilet Icon.png
Toilet Seat Toilet Seat Icon.png
Welder (Ship) Welder (Ship) Icon.png
Wheel 1x1 Wheel 1x1 Icon.png

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Large Steel Tube Icon.png Large Steel Tube 
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