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Mods are community-built extensions and modifications of the base Space Engineers game. They can add a variety of new blocks, textures, and concepts, though many merely adapt or tweak current content.

Most mods are deployed through the Steam workshop. By subscribing to a mod, your client will automatically have it available to use when hosting a game, and updates will automatically be downloaded. If you are connecting to a server that has mods, there is no need to subscribe to them before connecting, as they will be downloaded as part of your connection process (it does however speed things up if you have already subscribed).

Mods can also be manually added to the game. Mods added in this way are not limited as much as the Steam-based mods are, and extreme caution must be taken lest a malicious mod perform unwanted actions on your system. Keep in mind that players joining your server cannot automatically download file-based mods.

Mod types

There are several different types of mods that one can install, and the sheer number might be overwhelming at first. Each mod may provide alterations, new blocks, or a series of several different kind of changes that cover many different categories. See the following page to view the mod divisions and their explanations:

How to use mods

Choosing which mods you want to play, and downloading them is seamless with the steam workshop. They provide enhanced gameplay provided by players who also enjoy the game as much as you do. To learn more about browsing, subscribing, and playing mods in your world, please see:

How to create your own mods

KeenSoftwareHouse heavily supports & encourages modders to provide more gameplay experiences for SE players everywhere. They regularly provides more tools to help the average player modify their game. Those who desire to create modifications for the game, such as new blocks, scripts, etc and require some insight can view the modding guide in the wiki. For more information on how to start modding, see the page below:

List of mods

The mod list is a space in the wiki for modders who need a place to store information for other players. Modders are able to create their own mod page, and as many sub pages to it as they desire. An additional feature to this is their mod will be listed here on the wiki. - Some mods may not be displayed publicly if the mod author chooses not to enable this.

Create your own mod page

An in-depth guide has been provided for modders who are looking into creating their own mod page to store information, pictures, examples, troubleshooting, FAQ's, update history, etc. For more information, please see the help page below: