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Large Ship / Station
Speed Module
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,2
Mass2,508 kg
2,508,000 g
2,508,000,000 mg
2.508 t
Build time30 s
Modifier value50 %
Modifier operationAdditive
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost1
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The Speed Module (previously know as the Productivity Upgrade Module) is a 2x1x1 block that can be placed on an Assembler or a Refinery to make its Assembling/Refining speed increase. Each module will increase the speed of ore/component production, and will also increase power consumption up to a maximum of 2.8 MW.


The Speed Module can only function if placed on a Refinery's or Assembler's attachment point, which increases the speed of Assembling/Refining. When a Speed module is placed on every possible attachment point it increases the productivity (which is the speed of Refining/Assembling) by 400%, which is a total of 500%. The Speed module must be fully placed onto an Assembler/Refinery for it to function properly, as a single upgrade module may be placed on only one upgrade port, this does halve the efficacy of the modules, so instead of a 100% bonus to productivity, you receive only a 50% bonus.


Total Productivity = 100% + 50% x Attachment points connected to upgrade module, each module provides 2.
                    (100% + 50% * SpeedAttachments)
Power Consumption = ---------------------------------------
No. of Modules No. of Active Attachment Points Total Productivity Max Power Consumption [kW]
0 0 100% 560.00
1 1 150% 840.00
1 2 200% 1120.00
2 3 250% 1400.00
2 4 300% 1680.00
3 5 350% 1960.00
3 6 400% 2240.00
4 7 450% 2520.00
4 8 500% 2800.00


Productivity Upgrade Module PowerUM01.jpg


  • The fact that each attachment point is calculated separately means that you can span these across two machines or share them with a Refinery and an Assembler.

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