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An early version of the Red 1
Red 1's main cockpit Control Station
Red 1's secondary cockpit observation deck with Flight Seat

Red 1 or just Red Ship is a pre-fabricated ship, usually seen on many of the Easy Start maps and commonly featured in various official videos. The updated newer version of this ship has numerous features and facilitates making it suitable as general purpose relatively light carrier.

The ship is made up of various sections including: a general cargo bay, 2 separate rooms in the wings with storage containers, a central deck connecting all other parts with the Control Station and Gravity Generator, an upper level with Medical Room and an exposed Observation deck allowing first person piloting via Flight Seat


  • Generally well armored, especially the front.
  • Surprisingly maneuverable with 34 Thrusters in all directions - 2 large thrusters forward, 2 large+5 small thrusters backwards, 1 large+8 small thrusters upwards, 8 small thrusters downwards, 1 large+3 small thrusters right and left.
  • A fully functional cargo bay with airtight doors and connector port.
  • 2 Jump drives
  • 2 batteries for emergency power.
  • 2 primary sources of power - Large Reactors (generating a total of 600 MW)
  • 1 Gatling Turret, 1 Missile Turret and 1 Rocket Launcher at the bow (all connected to conveyors).
  • A fully pressurized interior with artificial gravity.
  • A fully conveyor accessible inventory.
  • A Medical Room on the upper deck, with numerous seats.
  • Two functional Bridges: an exposed observation deck bridge with Flight Seat for first person located on the upper deck and at the front and a more protected Control Station located deep within the ship on the lower level.
  • 3 Oxygen Tanks with 2 Oxygen Generators
  • Antenna and Beacon allowing easy radio communication.
  • 10 Gyroscopes for easy maneuvering.
  • Many Cameras in all directions for widespread visibility and awareness.
  • Many Connectors and Collector points for versatile docking.

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