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Small Ship
Reloadable Rocket Launcher
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,3,3
Mass1,058.4 kg
1,058,400 g
1,058,400,000 mg
1.058 t
Build time15 s
Shot Spread0.1 °
0.00175 ‬rad
Rate of Fire60 RPM
Ammo Type200mm Missile Container Icon.png Rocket
Inventory Volume240 L
0.24 m³
24 hL
Power Consumption200 W
0.2 kW
2.0e-4 MW
Power Consumer GroupDefense
PCU Cost425
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The Reloadable Rocket Launcher functions similar to the Rocket Launcher, it uses 200mm Missile Container for ammo, but has more sustained damage potential because it can automatically reload its rockets. It has large conveyor ports on both sides to allow the missiles to travel from the Cargo Containers.

Range: 800 m


The dimensions of the Reloadable Rocket Launcher are 1x3x3. It has 2 big conveyor ports on the sides, so you can connect it to storage containers. It fires in the same manner as the Rocket Launcher, however it will draw it's 200mm Missile Container from a connected cargo container. The only compatible containers are Medium Cargo Containers, and Large Cargo Containers.


  • Shoot Once - When activated, fires a single round.
  • Shoot On/Off - When triggered on, it will attempt to fire indefinitely until turned off.


Reloadable Rocket Launcher RRocketLaunch01.jpg


  • Both Rocket Launchers, and the reloadable here do the same amount of damage, just to clarify. The regular launcher just cannot be automatically reloaded since missiles cannot travel through small conveyors.
  • Don't fire a Gatling Gun, and fire rockets at the same time if they're next to each other.

Known Issues

  • This issue applies to both Rocket Launcher, and the Reloadable Rocket Launcher blocks: If going at high speeds while manuring, it is possible you can hit yourself with your own missile as it leaves the launcher. be cautious in combat.

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Update History

Update 01.057.005
  • Fixed crash on weapon lasers
Update 01.057
  • Fixed missile launcher aims incorrectly
  • Fixed missile launcher not shooting at each rank
  • Fixed re-loadable rocket launcher: no "Reloading" message
Update 01.056
  • Default missile range has changed from 1000m to 800m
  • Fixed missile launcher not shooting at each crank & missile turret shoots only from center
Update 01.054
  • Fixed not being able to reload reloadable rocket launcher from the front
  • Fixed issue with choosing reloadable rocket launcher in toolbar
Update 01.052.015
  • Fixed crashes related to weapons and shooting
Update 01.052
  • Fixed missile explosions right after missile was launched
Update 01.048
  • Reloadable Rocket Launcher introduced.