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The file is a traditional XML editor, so anything that can read and write text files can open the file up.

All of the data in this file is modeled like this:

  <innerBlockName variableOne="123">

Generally, XML lines up blocks with indentation, but this is not required. If you don't have a good xml editor, you can easily break you save game by tweaking these settings, so be careful.

Now, on to specifics of the SBC format:

  • ElapsedGameTime: time in milliseconds that you have been playing this particular world
  • SessionName: the name seen in the load save game menu
  • CharacterToolbar: list of all of the things that your character had on their toolbar when you saved the game
  • ColorMaskHSVList: all of your color choices written in HSV values but disguised as X, Y, and Z values in a Vector3
  • ControlledEntities: any pilot seat or cockpit that you have sat in is considered "controlled" by you. Note the Key of the entity and the ClientId (which is your ID in the game).

Now, up under the Settings block, you should see values your recognize, though I wouldn't recommend you tweak the ProceduralSeed or ProceduralDensity by hand, you can certainly play with these values and to test.

  • AppVersion: an internal version number for the game that last wrote to this save file


This section of the sbc file lists the player names and IDs, as well as any camera they can control (I believe).


This section is interesting, as these are the on screen GPS coordinates saved by the player. Note that these are per player, like your toolbar and HSV colors, so your entries are not visible to anyone else, but you can certainly call your X, Y, and Z coordinates out to someone and they can put them into their own GPS to find the location.