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What is the Scenario editor

The Scenario Editor was replaced by Visual Scripting

The scenario editor is a tool released by KeenSoftwareHouse in Update 01.086. It allows players to create maps with predefined goals. When the conditions are met, the player(s) win or lose the match. The editor uses the creative mode to allow for easy creation. The player must first check the scenario editor box when creating a new world for the tools to be enabled. Once a player is finished with their map, saving/exiting will automatically switch the map to survival mode.

Current features

This is a new feature and is still in development. More information will become available as more features are introduced.


Conditions currently set how the game is won, or lost. Multiple conditions can be setup using the default "U" key in order for the player to lose, or win. Only one needs to be achieved.

The following is what's currently available to choose from. Please note, these are subject to change at any point.

All others lost Condition is met when all other players are dead, and only one remains.
Limited Lives Sets the maximum amount of lives the players have before they lose/win.
Reach GPS location When a player enters within a specified radius around the gps location
Leave game area If the player moves beyond the defined radius of the gps location, they lose/win
Someone won If someone wins the game, the player wins/loses
Scenario time limit Sets the maximum amount of time before the game ends
Block destroyed Using a single or many block IDs, the player can set if players win or lose when these are destroyed
Respawn screen time Sets the maximum amount of time players are allowed to sit in the respawn screen

Scenario description

Players are able to access the scenario description by pressing the (default: U) key. The description is pulled from the workshops description section of the scenario.

Create your own scenario

Video instructions provided by KeenSoftwareHouse

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Example Worlds