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Server Mode:
Max Players:
Speed (I) (R) (E) (A):
1 1 1 1
Cargo Ships:
Lost in Space [Global]
Group Only:


It’s highly set for survival aspects. Some resources can be found only on surface of planets, and some on an asteroid, for example uranium is only on planets.
If you spawn in suit, there will be no tools. We have also some restriction that u can read bellow.
It is made for server optimization and game balance that force on you to play with other players.


Server-hopping / Jumping between servers (Sectors)
REBELS-GAMES enables you to play on few synced servers. Our PL, GLOBAL, MINING EVENT and EVENT servers are merged with each other which allows players to jump between them when sitting in a cockpit of a ship. After entering command “ !join “ along with server number, timer will start a countdown that will later move Your ship to the designated server. Timer is set for 10 minutes. After jump player will spawn somewhere around the center of the server, or close to largest grid (ship or station) of your faction, as long as it is located in space and not on planet. Leaving the cockpit before passing 10 minutes results in cancellation of jump drive. After reaching new server, player has to spawn in space suit so that player’s ship will be able to spawn properly. BE ADVISED THAT because of seldom cases of players being NOT logged out from servers, it is advised that before jump your character is not already on the other server. This could result in losing your vessel. If You haven’t logged in onto the designated server for a longer time, problem will not occur.

Commands list:

  •  !join 1 - Jump to GLOBAL
  •  !join 2 - Jump to EUROPE
  •  !join 3 - Jump to POLISH
  •  !join 4 - Jump to EVENTS
  •  !join 5 - Jump to OFF