Small Steel Tube

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Small Steel Tube Icon.png
Small Steel Tube
Component Icon.png


Mass4 kg
4,000 g
4,000,000 mg
0.004 t
Volume2 L
0.002 m³
1.28e-4 Large-Blocks
0.016 Small-Blocks
0.2 hL
2,000 mL
Base Production Time1 s
BrowseLast edit: 2021-02-04

Useful for many construction tasks, or for shaking at large amounts of things.

Ship and Station part Recipes

These are ship and station part recipes that use Small Steel Tubes:

Name Icon
Advanced Rotor Advanced Rotor Icon.png
Advanced Rotor Advanced Rotor Icon.png
Airtight Hangar Door Airtight Hangar Door Icon.png
Antenna Antenna Icon.png
Bathroom Bathroom Icon.png
Beacon Beacon Icon.png
Bed Bed Icon.png
Collector Collector Icon.png
Connector Connector Icon.png
Conveyor Conveyor Icon.png
Conveyor Frame Conveyor Frame Icon.png
Conveyor Junction Conveyor Junction Icon.png
Conveyor Sorter Conveyor Sorter Icon.png
Conveyor Sorter Small Conveyor Sorter Small Icon.png
Conveyor Tube Conveyor Tube Icon.png
Curved Conveyor Tube Curved Conveyor Tube Icon.png
Diagonal Window Diagonal Window Icon.png
Door Door Icon.png
Effectiveness Upgrade Module Effectiveness Upgrade Module Icon.png
Ejector Ejector Icon.png
Gate Gate Icon.png
Gatling Gun Gatling Gun Icon.png
Gatling Turret Gatling Turret Icon.png
Grated Catwalk Grated Catwalk Icon.png
Grated Catwalk Corner Grated Catwalk Corner Icon.png
Grated Catwalk End Grated Catwalk End Icon.png
Grated Catwalk Half Left Grated Catwalk Half Left Icon.png
Grated Catwalk Half Right Grated Catwalk Half Right Icon.png
Grated Catwalk Straight Grated Catwalk Straight Icon.png
Grated Catwalk Wall Grated Catwalk Wall Icon.png
Grated half stairs Grated half stairs Icon.png
Grated half stairs mirrored Grated half stairs mirrored Icon.png
Grated stairs Grated stairs Icon.png
Grinder (Ship) Grinder (Ship) Icon.png
Hydrogen Engine Hydrogen Engine Icon.png
Hydrogen Engine Hydrogen Engine Icon.png
Hydrogen Tank Hydrogen Tank Icon.png
Hydrogen Tank Hydrogen Tank Icon.png
Industrial Cockpit Industrial Cockpit Icon.png
Interior Pillar Interior Pillar Icon.png
Interior Turret Interior Turret Icon.png
Ladder Ladder Icon.png
Large Cargo Container Large Cargo Container Icon.png
Laser Antenna Laser Antenna Icon.png
Laser Antenna Laser Antenna Icon.png
Medical Room Medical Room Icon.png
Merge Block Merge Block Icon.png
Offset Door Offset Door Icon.png
Oxygen Farm Oxygen Farm Icon.png
Oxygen Tank Oxygen Tank Icon.png

... further results



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Small Steel Tube Icon.png Small Steel Tube 
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