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 [TVC] The Varangian Corp.
       [VGD] Vanguard
 This Agreement after notarization by both parties shall be legal and binding. 
 Any breach of conduct between aforementioned parties shall result in breach of contract. 

 Non-Aggression Pact
 Neutrality pact is a national treaty between two or more states/countries where the signatories promise 
 not to engage in military action against each other. Breach of this contract will result in contract deemed 
 void, both parties before declaration of war must meet in   emergency counsel for last reparations and
 amendments of said treaty. If no diplomatic appraisals or reparations are made both factions  
 will be void of contract
 Trade Agreement
 Trade will be negotiated per haul, or beforehand. Deviations from agreed upon imports will result in 15% 
 fine of said cargo. If cargo is lost during transport due to unforeseen consequences shipments shall
 continue at a later date. Vanguard has also offered trade escort services, payment shall be taken into 
 consideration by both captains.
 Intelligence Operations
 Day to day activities shall include any and all intelligence gathered on neutral entities and factions. 
 This includes but is not limited  to Screenshots, Coordinates, etc. Any alliances forged by both parties 
 have the right to request any and all intelligence gathered on allies to be deleted; Failure to comply will 
 result in breach of contract.
 Industrial Agreement 
 Meia of Vanguard has offered production services in terms of defense networks. Cost shall be taken into
consideration of production, Construction costs will either be handled in trade, or on site bases,
upkeep shall be continued by Vanguard upon request.