Steel Plate

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Steel Plate
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Mass20 kg
20,000 g
20,000,000 mg
0.02 t
Volume3 L
0.003 m³
0.3 hL
3,000 mL
Base Production Time1 s
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Basic construction component. Purveyor of Hofstadter's Law; you will always need more of these than you expect, even if you account for Hofstadter's Law.

Size & Weight

A single steel plate weighs 20kg, and is equal to 1 small light armor block. A small light armor block has a surface area of 6x(0.5m x 0.5m) = 6x(0.25m) = 1.5m2. Given these values, plus the generally accepted density of steel of 7.85g/cm3 [1], we can calculate the thickness (or "guage") of the steel plate using this formula [2].

weight (kg) = density (g/cm3) x thickness (mm) x width (m) x length (m)

Rearranging to obtain thickness:
thickness (mm) = weight (kg) / density (g/cm3) / width (m) / length (m)
thickness = 20kg / 7.85g/cm3 / 0.5m / 3m - (using length = 3m, because this is equal to 6x 0.5x0.5 plates placed in a line)
thickness = 1.698514mm = ~1.7mm

Theses calculations hold true for the large light armor block as well, where the 25-fold increase in steel plate count reflects the 25-fold increase in surface area.

It should be noted that the accepted definition of "steel plate" is steel with a guage greater than 6mm. Anything from 0.2mm to 6mm is "steel sheet" (<0.2mm is "steel foil"). Given that the steel plate in Space Engineers has a guage of around 1.7mm, it is actually "steel sheet", not "steel plate".

Ship and Station part Recipes

These are ship and station part recipes that use Steel Plates:

Name Icon
ATM ATM Icon.png
Advanced Rotor Advanced Rotor Icon.png
Advanced Rotor Part Advanced Rotor Part Icon.png
Air Vent Air Vent Icon.png
Airtight Hangar Door Airtight Hangar Door Icon.png
Antenna Antenna Icon.png
Arc Furnace Arc Furnace Icon.png
Arc Furnace Arc Furnace Icon.png
Artificial Mass Artificial Mass Icon.png
Assembler Assembler Icon.png
Basic Assembler Basic Assembler Icon.png
Battery Battery Icon.png
Battery Battery Icon.png
Beacon Beacon Icon.png
Blast Door Blast Door Icon.png
Blast Door Corner Blast Door Corner Icon.png
Blast Door Edge Blast Door Edge Icon.png
Blast Door Inverted Blast Door Inverted Icon.png
Camera Camera Icon.png
Cockpit Cockpit Icon.png
Collector Collector Icon.png
Connector Connector Icon.png
Contracts Contracts Icon.png
Control Panel Control Panel Icon.png
Decoy Decoy Icon.png
Door Door Icon.png
Drill Drill Icon.png
Effectiveness Upgrade Module Effectiveness Upgrade Module Icon.png
Ejector Ejector Icon.png
Fighter Cockpit Fighter Cockpit Icon.png
Full Cover Wall Full Cover Wall Icon.png
Gate Gate Icon.png
Gatling Gun Gatling Gun Icon.png
Gatling Turret Gatling Turret Icon.png
Gravity Generator Gravity Generator Icon.png
Grinder (Ship) Grinder (Ship) Icon.png
Gyroscope Gyroscope Icon.png
Half Cover Wall Half Cover Wall Icon.png
Half Heavy Armor Block Half Heavy Armor Block Icon.png
Half Light Armor Block Half Light Armor Block Icon.png
Half Slope Heavy Armor Block Half Slope Heavy Armor Block Icon.png
Half Slope Light Armor Block Half Slope Light Armor Block Icon.png
Heavy Armor Block Heavy Armor Block Icon.png
Heavy Armor Corner Heavy Armor Corner Icon.png
Heavy Armor Inverted Corner Heavy Armor Inverted Corner Icon.png
Heavy Armor Slope Heavy Armor Slope Icon.png
Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Base Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Base Icon.png
Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Tip Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Tip Icon.png
Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Base Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Base Icon.png
Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Tip Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Tip Icon.png

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Steel Plate Icon.png Steel Plate 
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