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Mod Name
Mod Type:
Mod Version:
Forum Thread:

Below is a description of the variables used by this template:

| Name = Name of your mod
| Author = primary author of the mod, if more than one separate with a <br />
| Description = Short description of your mod for the main mod page
| Website = website for your mod, must start with http:// or https:// (OPTIONAL)
| Steamgroup = steam group mod page  (OPTIONAL)
| Forums = Mod's Forum Thread (OPTIONAL)
| Type = Type of your Mod(Block, API, Server, Conversion ) other values are allowed but 
			will not categorize your mod on the main mods page. More than one type is allowed. 
| Modversion = version number of your mod
| Version = SE version your mod was made in
| Forumcontact = Forum account name of your author (does not display, admin use only)

| CustomRow1 = Title of custom row
| CustomData1 = Data of custom row
| CustomRow2 = Title of custom row
| CustomData2 = Data of custom row
| CustomRow3 = Title of custom row
| CustomData3 = Data of custom row
| CustomRow4 = Title of custom row
| CustomData4 = Data of custom row
| CustomRow5 = Title of custom row
| CustomData5 = Data of custom row

| nocat = disable automatic templates and properties. 

| hide = Hide this template and only use the autocategory features, do not include this if you want the template to show

This template also inserts the Modheader template into your mod page to provide links back to the main mod page.