Update 01.030

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We have added missile turrets and curved conveyor tube. Also we have redesigned the default ships and the starting platform in order to be used more effectively for the new features.

Turrets can target all moving objects; cargo ships use turrets as defense systems, including the new missile turret. Projectile weapons and small ship cockpits were re-balanced, enjoy dogfights!


  • added missile turrets
  • added curved conveyor tube
  • redesigned default ships (blue, red, cargo, respawn) and starting platform in order to be used for new features
  • small ship cockpit is more durable and also more expensive (increased the number of bullet-proof glass from 5 to 30)
  • balanced damage of projectile weapons/turrets – now everything does 4x more damage
  • turret targeting can be changed in control panel, all moving objects can be set as targets
  • player can switch between gun fire modes by using the middle mouse button (it's possible to fire from just one missile launcher)


  • fixed memory leaks (caused by audio)
  • fixed slowdowns near asteroids
  • fixed minor audio issues
  • fixed minor conveyor issues (energy usage)
  • fixed crash during painting
  • fixed crash when client dies inside cockpit
  • fixed missile launchers consuming ammo in creative mode