Update 01.031

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Welder and grinder are now available on both small and large ships (stations too). A larger type of conveyor is now available for small ships; this allows them to transfer all kinds of components and items.

The following items will fit inside the small tubes, others will need large tubes. The rule is simple (although it might change in the future) - items that have any of their dimensions larger than 25cm will need large tubes.

Small items: Ores and ingots, Construction component, Motor, Computer, Reactor component, Thruster component, Explosives, Rifle ammo, Gatling gun ammo


  • large ship welder
  • small ship welder and grinder
  • new larger conveyors for small ships (able to transport every item)
  • large cargo container on small ship has now large doors
  • connector and ejector won't throw items when the area in front of them is blocked by too many objects (fixes performance issues with many small objects on pile)
  • new models for thrusters and wheels
  • connector inventory can be accessed by door


  • fixed memory leaks caused by audio
  • fixed issue when opening workshop from the main menu
  • fixed assault rifle sound during ALT+TAB
  • fixed issues with character remaining visible in cockpit after leaving
  • fixed missile exploding without a cause
  • fixed multiplayer client dying when drilling

Hotfix 01.031.012


  • fixed issue when placing rotor in survival mode
  • fixed issue when building a block used more resources than it should
  • fixed landing gear not detached when the surface under it is destroyed
  • fixed crashes caused by loading corrupted saves
  • fixed crash during drag-and-drop in production screen