Update 01.034

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Players can now change the color of their space suit. Also, added large ship drills, spectator mode and more options for running the dedicated servers.

We have reverted the multiplayer code to the previous version and more improvements will come in the upcoming weeks.


  • Space suit color selection (in medical room)
  • Large ship drills
  • Added borderless window option
  • Improved small cockpit mount points
  • Added the option to take anything from conveyor system by double-clicking
  • Added spectator mode
  • Spectator Mode:
    • Can be enabled in world settings
    • F6 - return to regular mode
    • F7 - tracking camera, controlling object
    • F8 - free camera, controlling camera (this is true spectator)
    • F9 - free camera, controlling object
  • More options for running dedicated server (configurable data path in command line)
    • Dedicated Server Options:
    • SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe -noconsole -path "D:\Whatever\Something"
    • -noconsole: will run without black console window
    • -path: will load config and store all files in path specified ("D:\Whatever\Something" in example)
    • taskkill /IM SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe
    • this will stop dedicated server correctly, saving the world etc
    • to stop it immediately add argument "/f", that will kill server without asking to stop and without saving the world


  • Reverted to previous multiplayer code (improvements will come)
  • Fixed landing gear white color
  • Fixed cargo ships not de-spawning
  • Fixed issue with players’ name displayed as "Unknown"
  • Fixed issue when tools constantly deplete suit’s energy after the task is finished
  • Fixed merge block shifting when two ships were connected
  • Fixed Cockpit3 does not need any displays to be functional
  • Fixed issue with screenshots taken during auto-save
  • Fixed issue with broken workshop thumbnails
  • Fixed warning when switching from creative 1x to survival 1x
  • Fixed ship drill being too fragile
  • Fixed changing toolbar while constructing
  • Few animation fixes (character without gravity or jetpack, character sitting in a cockpit)
  • Fixed issue with ejector being functional when it was placed on large doors
  • Fixed grammatical translation errors (multiple errors on words, sentences & quotes in US English Version)

Hotfix 01.034.009


  • Added error message when starting dedicated server and listen port is already used
  • Fixed crash in inventory
  • Fixed crashes caused by conveyor
  • Fixed irreparable blocks
  • Fixed broken sounds
  • Fixed crash during shader recompilation (custom skybox crashed the game)
  • Fixed crash during startup when invalid prefab found
  • Fixed collision model on large drill head
  • Fixed 2x3 glass mirroring