Update 01.035

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Electricity is now being transmitted through rotors (inter-grid electricity and communications relaying). We've also added new world settings (automatic trash removal, limit world’s size) that will help players to manage the increasing number of objects in the world - useful especially for dedicated servers.


  • electricity is now being transmitted through rotors (inter-grid electricity and communications relaying)
  • “center of mass” indicator (enabled in terminal screen: Info panel)
  • moved some of the world settings to the new “advanced settings” screen
  • new world settings: automatic removal of respawn ships
  • new world settings: automatic trash removal
  • new world settings: world size limit
  • ban on player’s screen (F3) for dedicated server
  • improved landing gear (setting break force, auto-lock feature)


  • fixed crashes caused by landing gears, rotors and merge blocks
  • fixed crashes when character was walking near asteroids
  • fixed toolbar issues (drag and copy, right click, double click)
  • fixed crash when creating Crashed Ship scenario
  • fixed frozen cube builder preview
  • fixed auto-submit log after game crash

Hotfix 01.035.009


  • fixed landing gear auto-lock crash
  • fixed issues during and after merging platform/ship (crash after pressing Y, kicked from cockpit, can't pilot merged ship, etc)
  • fixed crash when loading various old worlds
  • fixed crash when drilling
  • fixed various control group issues (more fixes to follow)
  • fixed recharging energy for newly build cockpits/medbays
  • fixed custom game setup not remembering the chosen number of asteroids in the world


  • Default save/load location for dedicated servers in local\console mode changed from %appdata%\spaceengineersdedicated\default\saves to %appdata%\spaceengineersdedicated\saves\