Update 01.036

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The conveyor-connector system is now fully functional. It can be used to connect two ships, share electricity, give access to control panel and transfer items. Also players can now set custom color to the astronaut’s suit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Avast is reporting a virus in SpaceEngineer.exe in the last update (01.036). It's 100% a false positive, you can add that file to exceptions/mark as a save file.


  • conveyor-connector system is fully functional
  • set custom color to astronaut’s suit
  • Passenger seat
  • copy-paste the grids which are connected through rotors
  • items ejected from the ejector now inherit velocity


  • fixed weird/purple colors (especially visible on asteroids)
  • fixed hand drill issue
  • fixed clustered cargo ships in MP consuming server memory causing high ping
  • fixed control groups after merging/splitting
  • fixed issue with merge block causing CTD and stops Dedicated Server
  • fixed issue when switching while in load screen by using ALT-TAB and load worlds list stays blank
  • fixed issue when connectors could not connect if mounted to the same ship
  • fixed crash when merging small ships
  • fixed pink textures on asteroids
  • fixed dedicated server crash when socket is already in use
  • fixed few instances where mining is not working
  • fixed some symmetry is off (Cockpit 3 Large, Cockpit 1 Small.)