Update 01.042

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Players can download mods (custom blocks, skyboxes, custom skins) right from Steam Workshop. Mods are per-world; that means that each world can have different mods active. And that’s not all –every client automatically downloads every workshop mod used by server while connecting. As a bonus; we have also added character animations playable from toolbar, small control panel access block, gyroscope override and more catwalk blocks – enjoy!

Warning: in case you have overwritten core game files on your own in the past, please try to delete all local content + verify your game cache files https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335

New Modding Guide – http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=296249959


  • steam workshop mod support and integration
  • automatic mod download when joining multiplayer game
  • moddable thruster glow
  • added new character animations playable from toolbar
  • added control panel access block
  • added gyro override
  • added more types of catwalk blocks
  • added mod debug screen (F11 in single player)


  • fixed invisible and invulnerable cargo ships
  • fixed not hidden HUD tag after switching to third person
  • fixed autosave on dedicated servers
  • fixed player loses ownership one death,save/reload
  • fixed respawn in owned medbay results in permadeath anyway
  • fixed bugged ownership menu
  • fixed toolbar hotkeys (missing options/too many options)
  • fixed disabling "control thrusters" from one cockpit disables the thrusters completely
  • fixed block not available message
  • fixed rotor displacement issues
  • fixed trapped in cockpit, crash on exit
  • fixed cannot create "new ship/station"
  • fixed error when loading a saved world
  • fixed pistons with a drill attached refusing to extend after reload
  • fixed turret sound playing even if turret is OFF
  • fixed overflowing menu for various blocks (turrets, rotors)

Hotfix 01.042.020

  • added support for custom animations in passenger seat!
  • added world border warning to creative
  • fixed color slider
  • fixed piston settings
  • fixed assembler sound issues
  • fixed broken collector
  • fixed catwalk crashes
  • fixed sounds crash
  • fixed automatically activated autolock on landing gears
  • fixed small thruster damaging heavy armor
  • fixed crash when placing new ship/station
  • fixed crash when building motor or piston
  • fixed crash when building
  • fixed mirroring (big thanks to modders!)
  • fixed loading textures from mod root

Special thanks to Modders: Darth Biomech, Embershard, DeadWeight4U, EctoSage, sanchindachi666, damnatus and many others

Hotfix 01.042.021

  • fixed autosave issue when stopping DS which was run as service