Update 01.043

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Now it's possible to remotely access the control panel screen and inventory when the ship/station is in your antenna range. Antenna relay is taken into account. Press open control panel screen to see it (combo box at the top), or press SHIFT+K. New ‘Button Panel’ allows you to assign actions to the panel (like with astronaut toolbar) and then execute these actions by simply pressing the corresponding button on the model in game. We also added more glass parameters and modding support for custom projectiles, debris models, asteroid materials and armor edges. Last but not least HUD voices are here to warn you of meteor showers, low energy/health, etc.

Guide for transparent materials: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=300427203


  • Remote terminal access
  • Button panel for ships/stations
  • HUD voice alerts (low energy/health warnings)
  • Extended modding support: custom projectiles, debris models, asteroid materials, armor edges
  • Improved glass rendering and modding (more parameters, smoothness, custom texture, color...)


  • fixed autosave on dedicated servers (few days ago in 042 hotfix)
  • fixed custom transparent material crashing the game
  • fixed impossibility to remove and delete mods in some cases
  • fixed blast door corner inverted collisions
  • fixed pistons disconnecting when ship/station is split in two
  • fixed turrets ignoring decoy blocks
  • fixed cockpit hot-bar names not displaying correctly
  • fixed small ship blast doors preventing placing of other blocks nearby
  • fixed texture of curved conveyor tube
  • fixed sharing with factions
  • fixed surface difficult to walk on
  • fixed dedicated server not creating a world if one is specified in the config
  • fixed missile launcher self-explosions
  • fixed floating objects slowdown
  • fixed wrong saved game timestamp
  • fixed a crash while creating a control panel
  • fixed [Uranium Ingot|uranium ingot]] not traveling through conveyor system
  • fixed crash after placing custom block
  • fixed crash after deleting gravity generator
  • fixed small thrusters damage area
  • fixed spelling mistake when server connection was not available

Hotfix 01.043.013

  • fixed crash on Windows XP
  • fixed crash in inventory
  • fixed crash caused by missing texture or model
  • fixed crash in join screen
  • fixed refinery and assembler issues
  • fixed cockpit ownership not updated
  • fixed missing HUD voices
  • fixed possible autosave issue on dedicated server
  • fixed MP sync of production blocks and inventory
  • fixed MP sync of floating point objects

Hotfix 01.043.015

  • fixed possible autosave issue on dedicated server

Hotfix 01.043.016

  • fixed crash when picking up floating objects