Update 01.044

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Spherical gravity generator has been added in Space Engineers, as well as new respawn ships and support for modding them. Many multiplayer synchronization issues have been fixed, including rotor, piston and landing gear problems. Also performance has been increased significantly in certain situations.


  • spherical gravity generator
  • pre-fab and respawn ship modding
  • new world setting for dedicated server
  • autosave interval
  • more respawn ships
  • high quality armor textures (on 64-bit version)
  • export ship/station as prefab (in F11 screen)


  • improved piston and landing gear stability
  • fixed piston, rotor and landing gear exploding in MP
  • fixed large performance issue caused by asteroids
  • fixed too large piston collision model
  • fixed issue when loose blocks loosing ownership
  • fixed death in survival disables chat window
  • fixed toolbar not remembering functions from attachments
  • fixed hot-keyed groups reset when using merge blocks
  • fixed wrong value in Steam-ID on dedicated server
  • fixed problems with character mods deforming hands or legs of astronaut
  • fixed graphical glitch when doors were inside other blocks
  • fixed inertia not preserved when block was unmerged

Hotfix 01.044.012


  • fixed crash when splitting ships
  • fixed crash when status of faction member changed
  • fixed crash when entering/leaving cockpit
  • fixed crash on 32-bit caused by loading hi-quality textures (out of memory)
  • fixed crash when pressed F11 in main menu
  • fixed crash when switching character in medical room
  • fixed crash when changing rotor parameters
  • fixed crash caused by pistons
  • fixed crash caused by loading invalid definitions from original content or mods
  • fixed Gravity generator values stuck at maximum regardless of settings