Update 01.053

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In this update, we added an advanced rotor block that is able to function as a conveyor system and also implemented the option to mod sounds.

The second important implementation is bug fixing. As Marek Rosa has already written in his latest blog-post, the game is entering into a stabilization period where the amount of new features will be reduced and the focus will be mainly on bug fixing and stabilization of the things that are already in the game. This doesn't mean that weekly updates will stop coming or that we are not going to add new features any more. This is just a temporary transition period that will last for a few weeks. There are still many big and important features to be added, but first we want to make sure that the game is free of bugs and in a much more stable state before we start implementing them.



  • fixed memory leaks in character, raycasts and asteroids
  • fixed small ship piston dummies
  • fixed render interpolation issues
  • fixed crash to desktop when pasting blueprint
  • fixed floating object size (components, ore)
  • fixed issue with not functional landing gears
  • fixed missing curved conveyor glass
  • fixed crash when clicking on faction
  • fixed issue when player can't create an asteroid map
  • fixed issue with explosions in older worlds caused by changed rotor offset
  • fixed game crash when declaring war and proposing peace
  • fixed spotlights not illuminating the area correctly

Hotfix 01.053.015


  • fixed issue with rotor/piston staying in control panel after being deleted
  • fixed character crash
  • fixed ownership issue
  • fixed crash with control panel groups
  • fixed crashes related to weapons and shooting/welding/grinding