Update 01.060

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The sound block has been added - it can reproduce predefined sounds such as alarm, siren for announcements, etc. Also, we have replaced the old Skybox with a brand new one! This change has been made as a part of the preparations for the future updates that Marek has mentioned on his latest blog post about exploration and super large worlds.


  • sound block
  • new skybox


  • fixed projector loses orientation after power loss
  • fixed issue with cooperating assemblers resetting build progress on master assembler
  • fixed issue with antennas that were set OFF were working after loading
  • fixed timers, cockpits and other blocks which could not be welded in projection
  • fixed crash caused by same object being added twice
  • fixed crash when saving in remote control or camera and reloading the game


Modding Guide for the sound block.

Hotfix 01.060.018

  • fixed issues with missing asteroids when staring new game

Hotfix 01.060.019

  • fixed issues with invisible asteroids for clients

Hotfix 01.060.022