Update 01.064

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Sensors can now detect ownership and distinguish friends from enemies. Also, we added the option to set the view distance in the worlds - this will help players to improve the game’s performance. Additionally, the max speed of ships can also be modified. Lastly, we have made some improvements for the Programmable block; from now on, it respects ownership settings and requires electricity in order to function.


  • sensor ownership recognition (distinguishes friends from enemies)
  • new world setting: view distance (this will help players to improve the game’s performance)
  • added splash screen which indicates that the game is starting
  • moddable max speed for ships

Modding guide for ship speed: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=371554858


  • fixed issues with asteroid mining creating tiny pieces of asteroids near surface
  • fixed amount of uranium in default respawn ships so that they are able to work in infinite worlds
  • fixed drilling memory leaks
  • fixed blueprints menu issues
  • fixed issue with clients not able to see the changes in the script
  • fixed particle effect for meteors
  • fixed advanced world settings menu layout for supported resolutions
  • fixed handler executes even after the script has already ended
  • fixed ore detector detecting ores better
  • fixed asteroids getting smaller in distance

Programmable block changes

  • added Projector to guide
  • removed actions from ingame scripting
  • removed adding, and deleting items in inventories, only transferTo and transferFrom is possible
  • transferTo and TransferFrom respects conveyor system
  • programmable block can access only shared blocks
  • when ownership is changed, program needs to be recompiled
  • programmable block needs power
  • updated emissivity for programmable block
  • added icon for run action
  • removed system.Timer
  • fixed issue with get block with name
  • fixed crash with structs
  • fixed crash with static methods and variables
  • fixed critical component set wrongly for programmable block

Hotfix 01.064.010


  • fixed issue with shaking landing gear on DS
  • fixed crash when character is sprinting
  • fixed issue with timer block control panel not working