Update 01.066

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GPS has been added in the game. We decided to name it GPS (Global/General/Galactic Positioning System) because it is more understandable by the majority. In terms of physics, it works very similar to the INS (Inertia Navigational System). GPS can be shown on HUD. Players can create, send, receive and manage GPS coordinates in a new screen in the terminal. They can also create coordinates manually by entering X,Y,Z parameters or store their current position as a GPS coordinate. The coordinates can also be copied and pasted into chat. Another new addition is the text panel; it serves as an information panel for players. Players can write information about location, faction, mission, etc., they can edit the text which is shown on the panel and set who can read or edit it.


  • GPS - create, send, receive and manage GPS coordinates in the game
  • text panel block
  • mod sorting (filtering)


  • fixed cargo ships not despawning
  • fixed API AddPlayerToFaction does not sync
  • fixed Entities not InScene create a light source at origin
  • fixed some existing button panels get detached
  • fixed texture issues on wheel blocks

Hotfix 01.066.015


  • fixed exception when exporting files
  • fixed issue when Gravity Generator SetValue works only once per script
  • changed shortcut for exporting a model to: CTRL+ALT+E (previously CTRL+E)
  • fixed world corruption and crash caused by audio