Update 01.072

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5 March 2015

Laser antennas have been added. It is a new block that will work as normal antennas do but with a few differences. The first and most important one is that they will not be visible on HUD. The second difference is that if you have a grid and you own a laser antenna on that grid, you cannot control the turret on the same grid if you access it from the control panel but only if you are sitting in the cockpit. The maximum reach of laser antennas is 20 km for the small grid and 40 km for the large grid. Also laser antennas have several states represented by a small dot on them. If the dot is green, the antenna is working, it is on powered grid, but it is not connected to other antenna. If the dot is red, it means that the antenna is damaged or on a grid without energy. If the dot is yellow, the antenna is searching for connection to another antenna. If the dot is blue, there is connection to a friendly antenna established. You can connect to another antenna by generating its GPS and pasting them to another friendly antenna. We also added API support for modding voxels and turrets. Scripts now can be used for modifying asteroids (color them, save them etc.). Also turret range and angles are now moddable as well.



  • fixed LCD panel not saving current texture
  • Light +LCD blink time synchronization between clients
  • fixed crash with mod when SubtypeName contains Stone

EDIT 03/06/2015:
Update 01.072.008

  • fixed issue with beacons not changing range
  • fixed mod crash with small turrets
  • fixed crash in sounds
  • Mod API: changed parent to my large turret base, added laser antenna API
  • Mod API: added option to connect to laser antenna