Update 01.077

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9 April 2015

Players can switch helmet anywhere by pressing "J" button and room decompression is now physically affecting players and floating items. In addition, we have added an extra option to show/hide blocks in the terminal menu for organizing your ship systems.

In this update, we also introduce a preparation for our future scenario system. The first demo single-player mission is available for you to try. Scenarios are still in heavy work-in-progress and we will keep releasing more and more features for them later on.


  • option to show/hide block HUD in terminal
  • oxygen venting now affects player and floating items (push/pull)
  • switching helmet by pressing "J" button
  • scenario system introduction (work in progress)


  • fixed oxygen status 0 % in creative
  • fixed conveyors red when oxygen is disabled in world options
  • fixed message when refilling bottles is shown to all clients
  • fixed oxygen helmet notification not showing

Update 01.077.007 (04/10/2015)

  • fixed inventory issues when changing helmet
  • fixed drilling performance issues (first try for fix - work in progress)