Update 01.081

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7 May 2015

We added three new modules that are compatible with the refinery and the assembler - productivity, effectiveness and power efficiency. The productivity module can make the refinery and the assembler work faster. The effectiveness module is compatible only with the refinery and it increases its efficiency when creating ingots from ore. The power efficiency module, as the name suggests, makes the blocks consume less electricity. The modules should be attached to the refinery or assembler in order to work.

Lastly, we added the option to reduce/increase the visibility of antennas on your HUD through sliders that can adjust the vision distance and can be found on the info tab.



  • fixed character camera placed into spectator when reconnecting to cryo chamber
  • fixed issue when the player cannot build from 3rd person view
  • fixed MwmBuilder - 'illegal use' when running the tool without any parameter
  • fixed issue with pushing massive ships without effort (aka "Superman Bug")
  • fixed O2 drops when you sit in cockpit or in cryo chamber without helmet
  • fixed crash after bumping into asteroid
  • improved animation while strafing


Update 01.081.011 (05/08/2015)

  • fixed productivity module sets productivity to -100%
  • added additional checks to upgrade modules for invalid values
  • fixed ragdoll crash when enabled jetpack with custom character