Update 01.084

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28 May 2015

DirectX 11 renderer has been added to the game. It is available as an option in Graphics settings and players can choose between the old DX9 and the new DX11 (the game has to be restarted after that). The main advantages of the DX11 renderer are better game performance and visual look of the models. The renderer is still in early stages of development, so some bugs and visual issues may be present.

The DX11 renderer of the game uses physically based rendering (PBR), which helps to achieve a more realistic look, especially for metallic surfaces. For modders, it means that they will have to create a new set of textures for DX11: albedo, metalness, ambient occlusion, gloss, color change, emissive and alpha masks. For existing models it is possible to use our DX9 to DX11 texture converter, but in the future we recommend making PBR textures first, and then converting them to the last-gen format. We will be slowly replacing old placeholder models with reworked assets. Five updated blocks are released in this update (Beacon, Gyroscope, Warhead, Projector, Spotlight). Keep in mind that pretty much all models have to be recreated from scratch, and it's a slow process. Therefore it might be a while before the next updated model pack is released.

Additionally, players will now have the option to rotate a static station by switching to rotating mode (via pressing the 'B' button). The station created in the Station rotation mode will not allow blocks separated from it to be merged again.



  • fixed character shaking during cluster reorder
  • fixed setting ragdoll world matrix
  • fixed client dying for no apparent reason

Community updates

  • Added Height Offset for Suspension Wheels - THDigi
  • Attach GameLogic to Blocks multiple times - Tyrsis
  • Create asteroid from prefab voxel definition midspace
  • Floating item quantity display update - rexxar-tc
  • Fix assembler issues - RossM
  • Allow modding the Laser Antenna's line-of-sight requirements - RossM
  • Shorthand numbers for ScreenDialogAmount control - UberMouse

Update 01.084.011 (05/29/2015)

  • fixed crash when turret was shooting
  • fixed DS crash when trying to set world name to empty string
  • fixed camera behind character's neck in the cockpit
  • fixed thumbnails
  • fixed support checking
  • added method for composite game logic to get specific logic component (some mods were crashing)