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18 June 2015

In this update we added support for designing deathmatch scenarios. With the new editor options, you will be able to design free-for-all scenarios where you can compete with your friends on who will be the last to survive! The designer has the option to set the amount of the allowed lives in each scenario, which means that when a player reaches zero, he will lose. Also, we added the option to set the medical room ownership to the first player who spawns in the scenario. Additionally, the projector can now be set to instant building (available only in the creative/scenario mode). Once the scenario is played, the settings can’t be changed or accessed again. Moreover, we added a new scenario option that will make a grid indestructible. This option can be found in the Info tab of that specific grid and its purpose is to eliminate any performance issues and/or set physical boundaries of the map.

Lastly, we would also like to highlight the importance of the scenario editor feature. Its main purpose is to allow players to create missions and game modes which can be played by other players. There are no rules set in stone, but all are defined by the author himself. Capture the flag, deathmatch, racing or campaign driven missions - all can be done by using the scenario editor, with your own rules and designs. All can be achieved by the blocks and settings available in the game. The Steam Workshop allows the Space Engineers’ community to share and play the scenarios. The first stage of the editor has the basic GUI set-up and a few conditions. Each update that will bring new additions to the scenario editor will have an example scenario that presents new possibilities (similar to the race scenario that was added last week). We hope that you will enjoy the possibilities that this feature can offer. More additions and improvements are yet to come!



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Community updates

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Update 01.087.007 (05/19/2015)

  • fixed projection welding in survival
  • fixed crash in building when user tries to copy-paste a clipboard with nonexistent block
  • re-enabled gridding in worlds with destructible blocks set to false