Update 01.088

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25 June 2015

The option to set the transparency of your UI has been added (under “Game” tab in “Options” menu). We’ve also added the option to set sun rotation (in world settings). The minimum value is 1 minute and the maximum is 24 hours. Additionally, we’ve implemented the voxel support for grids. When the option is enabled, any static grid which isn't attached to a voxel will become dynamic. Another implemented option is to disable the jet-pack usage in the world, so the player will not have a jet-pack at all. Also players can choose not to have tools in their inventory when they spawn in the world. All options are listed under “world” settings and are applicable for both scenarios and classic worlds. Lastly, projected blueprints can now inherit ownership from the projector itself. Corresponding check-box has to be checked for this feature to work. This feature is available only for the scenario edit mode.


  • UI transparency (community feature by mexmer)
  • world option: sun rotation
  • world option: voxel support for grid
  • world option: disable jetpack
  • world option: spawning without tools
  • projected blueprint can now inherit ownership from projector


  • fixed issue with invite via Steam
  • fixed crash in Havok
  • fixed crash when changing hostility settings
  • fixed welder model
  • fixed issue with projector turning welded blocks off
  • fixed issues with multiple mods upgrading the same value
  • fixed warhead projection explosion

Community updates

  • fixed welders causing lags (still WIP) (community fix: yajiedesign)
  • fixed oxygen generator auto-refill synchronization (community fix: mexmer)
  • fixed welder help others synchronization (community fix: mexmer)

Update 01.088.012 (06/26/2015)

  • fixed with sensor switching on/off
  • fixed solar panels and oxygen farm working in dark environment
  • fixed HUD not showing properly
  • fixed turrets not targeting enemy blocks
  • fixed loading of some worlds