Update 01.089

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2 Jul 2015


New conditions for scenarios have been added. Time condition will allow to set time limit in which mission should be completed. The limit is being set in minutes. Minimum value that can inserted is 1 min, if time is set it will be displayed in the right corner. There is also possibility to set time limit for spawning in respawn screen. If players hangs in respawn screen for too long he will lose the game. Another condition is the block destroyed. Both new settings can be used as both win and lose conditions. Scenario description can be displayed in-game by pressing 'U' key - the description will match the one from the workshop. Lastly we added new voxel material - organic matter.


  • Mission condition: mission time
  • Mission condition: block destroyed
  • Mission condition: respawn screen time
  • In-game mission briefing screen
  • New voxel material
  • Assembler now processes more than 1 item per Update (community contribution: joemorin73)


  • fixed animation when running and shooting at the same time
  • fixed shooting while sprinting

Update 01.089.014 (07/03/2015)

  • fixed placing new ships without building components
  • fixed items cannot be moved between inventories.
  • fixed depressurization forces not being applied
  • fixed inventory loading/ saving fix
  • fixed pasting of ships not working correctly