Update 01.090

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9 July 2015


Jump drive has been added to the game. It is a new traveling mechanism that allows players to travel big distances in a short period of time. Only large ships can have a jump drive. The jump drive is a block that needs to be attached to the ship and must be charged with energy up to 100% so the jump can be made. There are two different types of jumps – blind and GPS guided. The blind jump will lead you to the direction that the cockpit is heading and the traveled distance can be set in the control panel (the distance is depended to the mass of the ship and the amount of the powered jump drive blocks that are on the ship). The targeted jump will get you to a specified GPS coordinate. After the jump is done, the energy needed is depleted. To increase jump distances or mass transport capacity, you will have to build more jump drives. Any of the jump drives can be then used as the master drive that will use the other available drives if needed.

Note: Please note that power has been enabled on all ships in starting scenarios in survival mode.



  • the jump drive block must be attached to the ship and has to be charged with energy up to 100%
  • the jump drive is available only for large ships
  • jumps can be done only from the cockpit, by using the "jump" action (not from the control panel)
  • if a main cockpit option is set, only the main cockpit can do the jump
  • the jump cannot be accelerated from the control panel, but has to be assigned as an action to the cockpit’s toolbar
  • the game will automatically calculate if the ship is able to reach the final destination with the current number of jump drives and the ship’s mass, this information is shown as a number of % in the confirmation screen
  • In control panel: the jump drive can have a set distance (useful for blind jumps), or can be maximum based on the ships equipment (maximum is set as default)
  • the minimum distance for the jump is 5 Km by default
  • a jump can be done only to a safe proximity of objects (other ships, stations, asteroids, planets)
  • the final destination of the jump must be empty in a 2 Km diameter. Any object in the area will shorten the jump and the ship will appear 2 km before the object
  • in case of a shortened jump towards a GPS coordinate or a blind direction, the ship should spawn before an object is in its way - the ship should never spawn in an asteroid or other ship even if the calculations are correct
  • Rules of transport: all small ships or large ships that want to travel with the ship must be connected through connectors or landing gears. Players must be seated in seats, cockpits or cryochambers. Everything not attached to the ship as mentioned will stay in the spot and will not do the jump.


  • fixed placing armor corner 2x1x1 tip with wrong offset
  • fixed volume of the hand drill
  • fixed issue with clearing blueprint search by using "X"
  • fixed issue with gravity generator reporting different values than spherical one
  • fixed incorrect tooltip when switching between tabs in terminal
  • fixed speed on HUD updating too frequently when sprinting
  • fixed rotation hints shaking when copy pasting
  • fixed issue with critical energy after turning ship ON
  • fixed misspell in XML
  • fixed issue with station rotation mode appearing when copy pasting ships
  • fixed issue with renaming scripts
  • fixed small inconsistency in voice-over
  • fixed issue when g-screen opens after re-spawn
  • fixed copy & paste issues with large ships

Update 01.090.014 (07/10/2015)

  • added warning when jump drive is not ready (recharging)
  • jump drive block is now airtight
  • fixed cannot jump with ship when in remote control
  • fixed ship still jumping when jump drive has been destroyed
  • fixed ships colliding with each other when pasted with jump drive engaging
  • fixed jumping in limited world
  • fixed jump drive is not respecting ownership
  • fixed ships colliding when jumping towards the same GPS at the same time