Update 01.093

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30 July 2015


Inventory mass has been now enabled. This means that gravity will affect the ships based on their weight. The more items inserted to the cargo container, the heavier the container will be. The character’s weight is also calculated in the overall weight of the ship grid, but only if the character is actually sitting inside the cockpit. Mass is not calculated for stations. Additionally, a flying particle effect is now displayed on the screen, when the character or a ship is moving faster than 10 m/s. Lastly, we have added two new tutorials to demonstrate the essential survival elements of Oxygen and Energy. The oxygen tutorial covers the various oxygen related blocks, oxygen farms, generators, vents, bottles, tanks and ice, including their control panel functions. The tutorial also addresses the concept of creating an airtight room for pressurization. The energy tutorial starts with an explanation of how to recharge your suit energy which is followed by a series of small challenges that explain the behavior of power within Space Engineers and the different ways you can provide it.

Developer Note

Since the anticipation for planets is very high and many of you want to know about the current status, we would like to share some info so we will not keep you in the dark. Planets are still under development and they are the number one priority in the game’s development. After the first internal iteration and testing, and since the last time that we shared some info about them, our team came up with some fresh and great ideas that will make this feature even better! So we made the hard decision to prolong the development a bit more but for a good reason. We are planning to share more detailed info very soon, so stay tuned!


  • inventory mass
  • flying particle effect
  • tutorial scenarios


  • fixed issue with textures begin too blurry on DX11
  • fixed crash when jump drive aborts the action

Update 01.093.012 (07/31/2015)

  • fixed crash with turrets targeting
  • fixed crash in Havok when bumping to the ship
  • fixed inventory mass not correctly calculated on DS
  • fixed second medical room not turning on in tutorial
  • fixed drill inventory mass recalculation
  • fixed voxel grass missing