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18 September 2015


This week’s update is a bit more special compared to the previous ones since it is the 100th update that we have released since launch! For this reason, we have prepared something more special for you :)

Enemy drones have been added to the game. The drones will appear in Survival worlds (both new and old) and they will spawn automatically from pirate stations. When a player ventures into the pirate territory, he will be attacked by the drones. The pirate stations have bounty hidden inside their containers that players can loot if they get over the drone attacks. We have also added modding support for everyone to create their own drones and pirate bases.

In addition, the autopilot has been improved. Auto-piloted ships can now evade asteroids and ships without crashing into them.


  • Drone enemies
  • Autopilot improvements
  • Pirate bases as encounters
  • Most valuable cargo ships call for backup using their antennas if player trips wrong sensor

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Update 01.100.024 (09/18/15)

  • Pirate bases will no longer spawn close to starting position
  • Decreased overall chance of Pirate Base spawn
  • Informant now seeks players
  • Added weaker light drone station
  • Added light drone "Assailant"
  • Changed spawn range of Raiding Stations to 10 km (should be less likely to appear )
  • Drones will now follow you up to 20 km from their base, then they go back
  • Added ammunition to the starting scenarios and respawn ships
  • Added Rifle as a basic tool after character's respawn
  • Drones will now flee back to their base if they run out of ammo or loose all weapons
  • All Cargo Ships will now call for backup when attacked - Civilian ships will be defended less than military
  • Improvements to collision avoidance